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The Six Common Cons You Should Avoid
Link below to check out resources from AARP on methods designed to prey on older Americans and the baker's dozen scams commonly used:
Romance                Charity                Grandparents
Home Repair          Health Care          Investment
News Headlines
STAUNTON – Sometimes the greatest gift you
can give an older loved one doesn't come with a
bow on top. It's your alert, caring eye for signs
of possible abuse.

Adult children who worry their parents may be
financially exploited by a relative, caregiver or
friend can often spot signs when the family gets
fraud is often committed by relatives of the
victim, relatives are also the ones most likely to
come to the rescue, suggests Jim Rothrock,
commissioner of the Dept. of Aging and
Rehabilitative Services.

Anne See, a public benefits and elder law
paralegal at Blue Ridge Legal Services, says
her case load of late bears that out.
December 17, 2014
Protect older loved ones from theft
Town Hall Meeting on Commonwealth Coordinated Care
Tuesday, November 25th, Harrisonburg. Read a report
Typical financial exploitation cases

Financial exploitation of older adults can involve
theft in many forms: income, cash, accounts,
assets, or property, See says.

"I had a case with an elderly gentleman who was
being cared for by a relative who abandoned
him to a nursing home," said the paralegal. "The
relative continued to get his checks. It was the
man's son who found and brought his father
home, and asked us to try to get the money

A most common situation See encounters is the
misuse of an older person's money by someone
who's living with them.

"They have access," she explained. "They're on
the bank account. But they use it for themselves
rather than the family member."
One of her current cases involves a woman in
an assisted living facility whose daughter is
"It's sad. The daughter's words to me were, 'My
mother never took care of me when I was little,
and I need to take care of my child, so I'm going
to use the money," See said.
She also finds many older people signing over
their homes to children who promise to care for
them, and then don't.

Some seniors come to her wanting to change
their power of attorney because they've
discovered it's being misused. The power of
attorney to make our medical or financial
decisions when we're no longer capable is a
powerful instrument. You must be fully
competent to give someone that power, and
fully competent to change it, See says.
GACAAA extends its appreciation to Howard Hicks, Investigative Supervisor, and
Dan Thaw, Criminal Investigator, Office of the Attorney General,
Fraud Control Unit, Elder Abuse and Neglect Section for their presentation.
Shenandoah Valley Adult Protective Services 540-942-6648
For more information, contact Anne See at 1(800) 237-0141 or

The Greater Augusta Coalition Against Adult Abuse (GACAAA) was formed on November 1, 2010 when Blue Ridge
Legal Services received a 10 month mini-grant from the Administration on Aging.

The mission of GACAAA is
to promote safe communities free from abuse, neglect, and exploitation by identifying and
utilizing coalition resources through partnerships, community action, education, and advocacy and to address
circumstances that make adults vulnerable.
By educating the community to recognize and report adult abuse,
neglect and financial exploitation, we envision a community where vulnerable adults are valued and treated with
respect, honor and dignity and have safe, secure lives free from abuse.

The Coalition sponsors educational events for the public and professionals on Adult Abuse and has a table display
and materials available for health fairs, seminars, and other community events. We hope that our proactive steps
will help prevent further acts of exploitation and abuse of vulnerable adults in the community.